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Vegetarian Health Institute - Discover How to Thrive on a Plant Based Diet and Stop Being Vulnerable to Deficiencies

Many so-called "health foods" are highly processed. So it's easy to mistake second rate foods for optimal choices.

Get your Healthy Eating Score and find out if you've been misled. Just scroll down and tell us which food you're most likely to eat in each category. Be sure to answer ALL ten questions to get your score. (You're the only person who will see your score, so be honest!)

Cheese Substitutes
checked /> Whole Wheat Bread checked /> Daiya vegan cheese
checked /> White Bread checked /> Raw seed cheese
checked /> Sprouted Whole Grain Bread checked /> Almond cheese
checked /> Raw Flax Crackers checked /> Soy cheese
checked /> Doesn't apply to me checked /> Doesn't apply to me
Fruit Juices Wraps For Sandwiches
Fresh squeezed fruit juice checked /> Nori
checked /> Pasteurized fruit juice checked /> Whole wheat pita bread
checked /> Smoothie checked /> Collard greens
checked /> Doesn't apply to me checked /> Doesn't apply to me

Sweets Chips
checked /> Dried or fresh fruit checked /> Natural corn chips
checked /> Luna Bars checked /> Doritos
checked /> Trail mix checked /> Raw Kale Chips
checked /> Doesn't apply to me checked /> Doesn't apply to me

Pasta Meat Substitutes
checked /> Whole wheat pasta checked /> Raw Sprouted seed burgers
checked /> Spaghetti squash checked /> Marinated tempeh
checked /> Brown rice noodles checked /> Boca burgers
checked /> Kelp noodles checked /> Wildwood SprouTofu veggie burgers
checked /> Raw zucchini "pasta" checked /> Home made bean burgers
checked /> Doesn't apply to me checked /> Doesn't apply to me

Creamy Spreads Salad Dressings
checked /> Earth Balance or Smart Balance checked /> Guacamole
checked /> Olive Oil checked /> Commercial salad dressing
checked /> Raw coconut oil checked /> Home made olive or flax oil dressing
checked /> Avocados or guacamole checked /> Raw tahini-based dressing
checked /> Nut butter checked /> Doesn't apply to me
checked /> Doesn't apply to me  

     Yes! Please calculate my healthy eating score! I also want to discover WHY so-called "health foods" are aging me, and which foods are the real nutrient powerhouses!

So please bonus me your book, "14 Ways to Supercharge Your Health with Whole Foods".


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I want to thrive eating:
  Omnivorous Vegetarian Vegan Raw
  I also want to teach & coach.
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