8 Reasons to Go Vegan - More than Your Expectations

Cleaner Food Source

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Above all, food safety is the first reason to go vegan that we want to mention. 

One research did a test on more than 1,500 food samples. They aimed to find an antibiotic-resistant strain of E. coli, and the result was shocking. Due to slaughter and processing, contamination was present in over 70% of pork and beef. Meanwhile, in poultry samples, the percent was higher at 90%. With this in mind, many people choose veganism to practice a clean diet.

This dish can be frozen for 2 months in safe freezer containers or ziplock bags. Reheat it in the microwave for 20 – 30 seconds before serving.

Healthy Skin

Considering the article on the American Academy of Dermatology Association website, vegans might have fewer pimples than cow’s milk consumers. Not to mention, fatty products like animal oils also cause acne. On the other hand, having a plant-based diet can help reduce acne breakouts.  

In addition, consuming fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, plums, berries, and broccoli rich in vitamin C, collagen, antioxidants, and elastin helps make your skin appear younger as the nutrients contribute to skin firmness.

Lose Weight, Keep Fit

A vegan diet contains less fat than one with animal products. People think of meat as protein, but many animal products contain up to 50 percent fat. As a result, vegans generally have a more normal and healthy body mass index (BMI). Studies have found that people following a vegan diet have a low body mass index and were better at weight loss.

Instead of high-calorie foods, you can choose vegan ones rich in fiber and low in calories. Vegan diets fill you up fast, and for longer; therefore, you don’t need to eat bigger portions.

Improve Heart Health

Another reason to go vegan is that vegans can have better overall health. According to WHO, red or processed meat is a carcinogen – a substance able to form cancer. Meanwhile, vegan diets are fiber-rich and lower in cholesterol or saturated fat. This helps reduce cancer and heart disease. 

Those who apply plant-based diets have an improvement in heart health. Also, they have a lower risk of dying from stroke, a heart attack, and other cardiovascular diseases. Getting rid of diseases can help people live longer and healthier.

Boost Mood

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One of the reasons to go vegan is that it helps boost your mood and reduce stress. According to a study in the Nutritional Journal, vegans tend to be more content than meat-eaters. Meat contains fatty acids and arachidonic acid relating to symptoms of depression. Also, vegan diets provide complex carbohydrates that boost the hormone serotonin in the brain, also known as the “happy hormone.” Furthermore, vegan diets are rich in vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium, which reduce stress levels. 

Animal Exploitation

It would be missing if we didn’t mention animals as one of the biggest reasons to go vegan. 

Factory farming causes billions of animals each year to suffer, and this is a big motivator for many people to chose a vegan diet. 

Such views are often strengthened by moral arguments, which suggest that animals can experience pain and lead complicated emotional lives. So, who are we to take that from them?

Save Money

Have you thought about saving money on a vegan diet? Why not? In an article posted on cnbc.com, one professional told a story about how he saved a lot of money by going vegan. Vegan foods like fruit, nuts, grains, and vegetables are economical. At the same time, they come with a wide range of choices. There are also many frozen vegan foods that you can store to use for months. Besides, getting rid of fast foods like sandwiches and hamburgers will save you money long term from all those doctor visits. 

Reduce Global Warming

Can you imagine that up to 51% of pollution comes from the meat processing industry? In fact, in the U.S., to create 1 calorie of beef, the ratio of fossil energy needed is 40:1. To make fast foods, the price that we have to pay is even more than that. Just one pound of hamburger releases the same amount of CO2 as it does to use a car for three weeks. As a double whammy, the effects of global warming are contributing to animal extinction. By the year 2048, as predicted, there will be hardly any fish alive in the oceans.  

In conclusion, the reasons to go vegan are not only for your health but also for the environment and possibly your wallet. To get the best results of a vegan diet, you need to have a reasonable plan. Sign up to VegHealth Institute to get your FREE VegHealth Nutrition Guide or veganrecipes.com for weekly vegan recipes.

What other reason do you find yourself interested in veganism? For you, what is YOUR reason to choose a plant-based diet? Please share with us in the comments section below.


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