How To Choose Vegan Recipes For The Holidays

Get to Know Everyone's Tastes

The fact is that you can’t please anyone if you don’t know their tastes. However, it’s not about knocking at their doors and asking the question: “What do you like eating?”. Instead, think back to any moments where they gave you hints about any likes, hates, or allergies. You might have seen some foods that people left at the last gathering or something that was eaten very fast and got praise. You could go as far as creating a poll on social media and ask your family and friends what they fancy eating during the holidays, what they can’t eat, or what they are intolerant to. 

Stick to the Traditional Holiday Dishes

Traditional dishes at particular holidays are unique. Some of them are seasonal foods that show up only for a short period of the year. Therefore, it’s super ideal for sticking to specific recipes for the holidays when searching. For example, some must-consume dishes on the holidays are vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, Christmas pudding, or vegan black-eyed peas for New Year’s Day.

We Have All the Alternatives You Need!

vegan non-dairy alternatives | 3 We Have All the Alternatives You Need! | 10 Tips For Choosing Vegan Recipes For The Holidays

Once you’ve found some recipes for the holidays that you like, don’t miss out on them just because they contain something dairy or not plant-based. Why do we mention that advice? We don’t want you to overlook some great recipes that include egg, cheese, or mayonnaise. Instead, visit or to know all the alternatives that you can make or buy. Then, just swap in that ingredient as an alternative.

Make Them Yours

While looking at your sample of vegan recipes for holidays, pay attention to the ingredients. Think about the elements you can replace or add in more to suit your family and friends’ tastes. There are many convenient vegan recipes for the holidays available on

Give Them Names

After adjusting the recipes, think about their names. At your parties or gatherings, people will be curious about the names of your dishes and what’s inside. Therefore, it’s a great idea to prepare everything beforehand. Catchy food names can raise people’s appetite as they’re curious and excited to eat. Some “cool” food names can also be exciting jokes that you can make at gatherings. 

Variation Is the Key!

One hundred people have got one hundred different tastes. Therefore, you might not be able to please all. However, we can do the trick here. Instead of making a big portion of one dish, try to vary your holiday menu. It’s not necessary to cook each dish with different ingredients. Instead, you can use the same ingredients but in other ways, such as roasting, steaming, baking, bread, muffin, or cookies. Here is an example.

Decoration Is a Plus!

Beautifully decorated catering banquet table with variety of vegetables | 7 Decoration Is a Plus! |10 Tips For Choosing Vegan Recipes For The Holidays

Besides the taste, the decoration also gives your dish appeal. They say you eat with your eyes first, and one of the best things about putting on a spread of food is how it all looks on the dinner table. One tip here is to add more color to your dishes by mixing different vegetables or toppings. 

Don't Forget the Side Dishes

People usually forget or feel lazy to make side dishes as they might not be necessary for gatherings and are time-consuming. However, side dishes play a crucial role in completed gathering meals. It is because they help fulfill the missing nutrients in the main dishes. Also, they add variety and help balance the taste of other dishes. 

Drinks Should Get Attention Too

Hot toddy drink for Christmas and winter holidays | 9 Drinks Should Get Attention Too |10 Tips For Choosing Vegan Recipes For The Holidays

Along with side dishes, drinks rarely get attention. However, let’s think about the talking part of every gathering. It would be an excellent idea to make some flavorful or palate-cleansing drinks to enjoy before, during, and after food. Also, drinks can add more color to your dining table.


Add Love and Be Passionate!

All the above tips won’t be successful if you don’t feel passionate while doing them. Don’t forget to enjoy what you do and remember that it will bring people together. Think about the great moments when your family and friends enjoy your food and always keep a creative mind. 

So now, choosing vegan recipes for the holidays isn’t something as challenging or nerve-wracking as you thought. It’s a result of love, emotions, and experience. Take it easy, and we’re sure that everyone will love your cooking. Happy holidays!!!

Have you found any recipes for this holiday? Please tell us your menu plan in the comments below. Don’t forget to sign up VegHealth for more interesting upcoming posts.



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