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Lady Parts on Alert: The Importance of Your Pelvic Floor

The female pelvic floor is central to several physical functions for women, such as bladder control, sexual pleasure, and bowel movements. As a group of muscles and tissues, our pelvic floor forms a ‘hammock’ in our pelvis that supports the vagina, bowel, bladder and uterus. Like any muscle, the pelvic floor can be injured and weakened. Excessive sitting, lack of pelvic floor exercises and childbirth are all common causes of a weakened or injured pelvic floor. This weakness or injury is very distinct and common. In fact, 50% of women over 80 and 40% of women aged 40-69 have issues with their pelvic floor.  Overall, one quarter of women in the U.S alone are dealing with or have experienced pelvic floor dysfunctions such as: Pelvic organ prolapse Urinary Incontinence Fecal Incontinence Pain during sex and the inability to achieve orgasm> Pelvic pain and pressure Medical treatments to address these pelvic floor issues commonly include surgery (sometimes unnecessary), vaginal injections, and the use of opioid painkillers. Not only can these treatments be extremely invasive, traumatizing, and painful, the FDA recently declared [5] that transvaginal mesh surgeries are unsafe as a treatment for pelvic organ prolapse… Leaving plenty of room to question

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