Did you know nearly 10 million people die every year from cancer and its treatments?

Conventional medicine’s go-to solution, chemotherapy only has an accumulative success rate of 2.5%!

What would we gain if we took the time to truly understand what cancer is, why we get it or how to heal from it?

Fighting cancer can feel all-consuming, but it can be less frightening and overwhelming when we realize we can actively take part in healing from it.

Whether you’ve already received a diagnosis, or are seeking to prevent developing cancer, start by arming yourself with knowledge in these key areas

3 Strategies You Need To Conquer Cancer

1. Understand The Complexity Of Cancer And Its Treatments

There are more than 100 types of cancer, and there are almost as many treatment options. Becoming educated about its related causes, treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and healing methods can increase feelings of calm, clarity and control, which the body needs in order to tap into its own healing capabilities.

Consider lifestyle factors that cause or exacerbate cancer, such as smoking, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and improper protection from the sun. Additional inflammatory triggers include over-consumption of processed foods containing carcinogens or refined sugars, a stagnant lifestyle, and stress.

Avoiding these both minimizes risk of developing cancer, and helps create an environment where it cannot thrive for those already diagnosed.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery may primarily come to mind for cancer treatment, but remember that your body can fight it as well. Your immune system works hard to control cancer cell growth and kill cancerous cells. How effective your body is at doing this depends on a number of things, but the key variable is stress.

Of course, cancer creates a complex environment and immune response in your body that overwhelms your immune system, but the point here is your body has built-in healing mechanisms from the disease. It’s up to the cancer patient to ‘activate’ their own internal healing mechanisms.

Education will help you be able to…

2. Reduce Your Stress And Accelerate Your Inner Healer

Many people have described themselves as feeling “powerless” after receiving a cancer diagnosis. But that’s not true! Your mind and body are incredibly powerful disease-fighting warriors…in the proper environment. 

Create this environment by reducing your stress and fear of cancer. 

As mentioned above, education is a highly effective starting point for this. Beyond that, consider finding a relaxing hobby such as yoga, meditation, playing music, or making art that will help ground you. 

Therapy can also be useful for working through your feelings and finding strategies to increase your feelings of inner power. Healthy lifestyle habits such as eating nutrient-dense, whole, plant-based foods, and getting adequate daily movement strengthen your immune system even further.

Once you’re armed with knowledge and confidence to advocate for yourself, you can…

3. Build Your Integrative Success Team

Work with an oncologist, your primary care physician, a registered dietitian, a therapist, and supportive friends and family to create a personalized, holistic plan for your health and healing. 

Your “team” should be as invested in your recovery as you are. Use your diagnosis as an opportunity to filter out unnecessary stress and negativity in your life, and surround yourself only with people who support you. You deserve to work with those who make you feel heard and respected, so don’t be afraid to ask for a different healthcare professional if they aren’t meeting that criteria. 

Cancer is serious, but it doesn’t have to be scary. You have more power than you think you do in your healing journey. Focus on bettering your health, arming yourself with knowledge, creating a system of integrated healing approaches, and establishing an environment that will minimize stress and promote respect. 

Not every day needs to be your best day, but striving to maintain a grounded, positive mindset throughout your journey can uplift your mental health and strengthen your resolve to conquer your diagnosis.

These top 3 tips for beating a cancer diagnosis are all from our friend and expert Nathan Crane’s phenomenal work in the cancer field. His Becoming Cancer Free Masterclass is a worldwide hit, and must-see event!

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