Can Your Fresh Fruits & Veggies Make You Sick?

This Nutrition Bite (NB) takes a closer look at what is lurking on your fresh produce…Like it or not!

Unfortunately, without proper attention you can be giving your family food-borne illnesses that are both dangerous and unpleasant.

In fact, the CDC says 50% of illness from food sources is from fresh produce! 

So let’s get into it. You’re at your grocery store…

You grab a beautiful tomato for your favorite salad and suddenly think…

Wait, who’s touched or even sneezed on my red, juicy gem??

It’s hard to know what’s lurking on your fruit & veg…

Definitely MANY different types of germs from whoever has handled or grazed over them…

As well as:

  • Waxes
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Rodenticides
  • General farm-yard gunk

Does this look “delicious” to you??

And yes, you can expect there to be rodent feces and urine!! (shiver)

Not to mention whatever germs the insects that definitely crawl all over it after hours leave behind.

We all know that consuming a healthy diet means buying and consuming lots of fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, they don’t come ready to eat.

In fact, between 1998 and 2008, produce caused nearly half of all food-borne illnesses, according to the CDC. That’s 50%!!

Can you see any reason why that would have changed since then? Or why even buying ORGANIC is a problem?  

Yes, even organic foods are susceptible to dirt, harmful bacteria and more.

Washing your fruits and veggies can protect you from salmonella, listeria, and E.coli.

But most people only use water…

Or worse, soap, which is not the best choice. 

Washing your produce with water is certainly better than not washing your produce at all…

However, water is unlikely to remove or dissolve sticky chemicals and waxes effectively, and it definitely won’t kill germs!

You CAN use baking soda. Some people like hydrogen peroxide. But, taste and convenience is always an issue…

Besides needing to know for sure all toxins, residue and germs are truly gone and your food is safe to consume.

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