EMFs, Radiation and Cell Phones

Food is central to health. But you can eat all the healthy things in the world and still have issues if you’re negatively affected by your environment. 


This Nutrition Bite examines just one facet of the controversial issue of EMFs and their connection to cancer. 


Lloyd Burrell is the founder of ElectricSense.com and the author of the EMF Practical Guide. He has been studying the effects of EMF exposure since 2002, when he made the connection between his own health issues and close-proximity cellphone use. 

In an interview for the Conquering Cancer Summit, Lloyd explains that EMF exposure from wireless devices (e.g. RF waves) as well as from “dirty electricity,” which is discussed below…

Have basically the same effect on the body as radiation that comes from heavy x-ray use, exposure to nuclear meltdown, and other dangerous situations. 

The only difference is that the damage from our devices may occur gradually over a longer period of time. 

[T]hese EMFs impact us in so many ways. They are softly, bit-by-bit, silently, [and] 24/7 zapping us and creating [a] multitude of symptoms which possibly one day will lead to something more serious,” explains Lloyd. 

One of the most impressive studies to equivocally prove the dangers of low-level EMF exposure in general was the 2012 Bio-Initiative Report. 

This comprehensive document cites over 1,800 other studies which show adverse biological effects from the kind of electropollution emitted by cellphones, Wi-Fi routers, SMART meters, cell phone towers, electrical lines, and the like. 

Over the last decade, constant updates to the Bio-Initiative Report have included thousands more studies and reports proving the dangers of low-level EMF radiation. (1)

While all sources of RF/EMF pose some threat, cell phone use is of particular concern because of proximity to the human body. The power unit and transmitter in a typical cell phone is usually located in the handset. 

Dangerous radiation can emanate from the keypad, screen, earpiece, and the aerial port when the phone is turned on. 

An Australian study conducted over twenty years ago (back when 2G was state-of-the-art) found that cancer rates doubled among groups of mice that were exposed to the equivalent of two-and-a-half hours a day in close proximity to a cell phone. 

One part of the body that cellphone use appears to affect most is the brain. Studies that go back to the 1970s show that using a cell phone close to your ear can open up the blood-brain barrier. The brain is made of 75% water and is extremely fragile. That is why we have a skull to protect it! The blood-brain barrier, or “BBB,” is designed as another protective level. It is the main gatekeeper to the cranial area, allowing essential nutrients to come in while at the same time keeping toxins at bay.

The first experiments to prove BBB leakage were conducted by Dr. Allen Frey over 40 years ago. For two decades, Frey researched microwave radar frequencies (or “RF” frequencies, the same basic frequencies that cellphones use) and their effects on the brain through his work with the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Army. 

What he discovered was shocking

Using luminous dye in mouse models, he was able to prove that these frequencies can “unlock” the BBB in a matter of minutes! (2)

In vitro and in vivo studies conducted by the State Research Center at the “Institute of Biophysics of RF” found significant changes in both the hypothalamus and hippocampus upon exposure to “pulsewise-modulated electromagnetic radiation” similar to that of a typical cell phone. (3)

RF/EMF exposure has also been shown to affect the heart, heart rate, and the circulatory system in general. 

Dr. Frey’s experiments in the 1970s and 80s led him to discover that microwave pulses have the ability to alter heart rate and rhythm as well as elicit changes in mood and behavior. (4)

Current studies at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Oxford University in the U.K. have shown a correlation between low level EMF-RF exposure and heart disease. 

A meta-analysis conducted by researchers at the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) Inc. in Australia found that 89% of the 242 studies they analyzed came to the conclusion that low level EMF exposure raised oxidative stress levels enough to heighten the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Oxidative stress has long been directly associated with heart disease, stroke, and heart attack as well as cancer. (5)

Besides wireless EMF radiation, another little-known source of EMF exposure is wired technology. This includes electrical lines, internal building (office, home) wiring systems, and region-wide and community electrical lines and transformers. These units produce “dirty electricity.”

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