Rev your engines without all the caffeine and adrenal fatigue 

Rev your engines without all the caffeine and adrenal fatigue

In today’s nutrition bite, we’re sharing a herbal coffee recipe that is great for brain power…

Plus a list of other herbs/plants that are good for your brain!

Herbal “coffee” is a great coffee substitute for a few reasons. Most obviously, it contains little to no caffeine. The problem with caffeine is that it can rev up your adrenal glands. Later you may “crash” and experience shakiness, irritability and feel tired.

In contrast, herbal coffees combine different spices, varieties of fruit and nuts; plus nutrients such as potassium or fiber… ALL of which are GOOD for you!

Our featured herbal coffee recipe contains chicory, pau d’arco, and dandelion root. These all contribute to a rich earthy flavor and a very similar aroma to regular coffee. 

Beneficial ingredients for your brain: Pau d’arco, cacao, and cinnamon

Pau d’arco helps heal candida overgrowth, and candida can wreak havoc on your memory! Pau d’arco also contains a compound called lapachol which could become one of the most exciting brain health “discoveries” of our time!

Cacao contains many powerful antioxidants, including resveratrol. Resveratrol helps to remove amyloid protein plaque from the brain (one of the major causes of age-related mental decline). 

Cinnamon contains two unique compounds (epicatechin and cinnamaldehyde), which have been shown to protect against memory loss. It may delay or reverse cognitive impairment, as well. It’s also anti-inflammatory, which is beneficial to your body and brain, across the board.

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Enjoy this tasty recipe, confident you’re giving your body and brain a healthy boost!

Herbal Coffee Recipe

2 tbsp. pau d’arco

4 teaspoons roasted dandelion root

3 teaspoons roasted chicory

2 teaspoons roasted cacao nibs (see below)

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

3 cups boiling water

For The Roasted Cacao Nibs:

1/2 cup cacao nibs, finely chopped


Roasted Cacao Nibs:

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 

2. Spread the finely chopped cacao nibs out on a small baking sheet. 

3. Bake for 5 minutes and remove from the oven. 

4. Once cooled, store in a jar for future herbal coffee making.

Herbal Coffee:

1. Add all of the ingredients into a French Press. 

2. Cover with 3 cups of boiling water and let brew for 7 minutes. 

3. Press down the filter, and pour into two mugs or glasses. 

4. Serve with desired accompaniments.


1. For a single serving, simply half all of the ingredients and proceed with the recipe as written.

2. The strength of this “coffee” is similar to a medium roast. For a light roast, reduce the chicory to 1 teaspoon. For a dark roast, increase the chicory to 2 teaspoons.

Recipe Courtesy of: DarnGoodVeggies

Want to learn more? Check out 5 more healthy botanicals (plants/extracts) for your brain, and discover what they all have in common!

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