Mother's Day

Unsure how to celebrate the maternal figures in your life this Mother’s Day? Don’t stress! 

Say “I love you and I appreciate you,” in more than just words with any of these fun and fabulous ideas: 

For the Beauty Guru 

Anyone who loves the beauty industry knows healthy skin is the most important foundation for any look. However, high-quality products often mean a high price tag. But not if you know where to search! 

Treat your mom to high-quality, eco-conscious LUXURIOUS skincare with Annmarie Gianni Skin Care. 

Their Renew Facial Cream Cleanser gently nourishes skin with organic aloe vera pH-balanced ingredients, and their Radiate Facial Moisturizing Oil contains 14 plant botanicals to promote a dewy and refreshed complexion. 

Major bonus: Their prices won’t break the bank, so when your mom falls in love with their products, they can feel guilt-free about restocking! 

>>Make every day feel like spa day with Annmarie Gianni 

For the Mom with a Green Thumb

Whether your mom is a master gardener or new plant-parent, the The Grow System Book and Masterclass are guaranteed to bring them joy.

The Grow System package is all about how to grow your own food! We’re talking everything from medicinal herbs you can keep on your windowsill to creating thriving gardens that can provide you with all your produce needs. For the vegetarians out there, there’s even a section about raising your own chickens! 

AND, with your purchase of The Grow System Package, you’ll also receive FREE lifetime access to the Grow System Summit, an annual event hosted by Marjory Wildcraft that includes 10 interviews with leading experts in self-sufficiency, food growing, and herbal healing! Get fully downloadable video recordings, audio, and transcripts for each of these interviews.

ANDDD, when you buy today, you’ll get up to 73% off!

>>Check out all the Grow System Package has to offer here

For the Cocoa Loco Mom

mother's day

If chocolate is always the answer for your mama or mama-figure, we highly recommend gifting her a bag of this highly decadent, highly UNUSUAL raw cacao powder. Unlike chocolate candies or processed cocoa powder, raw cacao is a nutritional powerhouse that will give her the best of both worlds: health benefits AND chocolatey goodness. AND it’s got a bunch of extras to make it pack even more of a healthy (but still delicious) punch…Free recipe book included!

Raw cacao can help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and signs of aging, and support gut health, all while telling our brains to release the love and happiness hormones that make chocolate so many people’s comfort food. 

Our recommendation? Follow up the reveal by serving her our favorite cacao smoothie for breakfast! 

>>Satisfy your mom’s chocolate cravings with our favorite cacao!

For the Eco Warrior

Is your mom passionate about keeping home and body free of toxic chemicals, and using sustainable practices to do it? If so, give them the gift of eco-friendly cleaning products!

My Green Fills has 2 awesome deals this week for their non-toxic 5 laundry products AND their Fruit and Veggie Wash! [These have been SUPER popular with our readers!]

From the farm to the grocery store, fresh produce is laden with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, waxes, toxic chemicals and germs. Water removes some of these, but as your mom probably knows, some is not enough! My Green Fills Fruit and Veggie Wash contains just 3 ingredients that work to eliminate 99% more germs and chemicals than water alone.

And this week, it’s being offered as a buy 1, get 3 refills free!

>>Pick mom up some naturally non-toxic Fruit and Veggie Wash here

Then there are the My Green Fills laundry products, which are 71% off this week!

That includes their laundry detergent (infused with essential oils for aromatherapy you can wear), laundry machine cleaner, powerful enzyme stain remover, 100% hypoallergenic stain stick, laundry rinse (to neutralize hard water in the final rinse cycle), AND their eco-conscious answer to dryer sheets, the My Greenfills Dryer Angels. Yay!

Why we ? them: For all My Green Fills products, you get one reusable container, and then refills come in recyclable paper or cloth packaging! Perfect for the mom who prefers gifts that are more functional, less frivolous. 

>> Upgrade laundry day and grab mom some eco-friendly laundry products

For the Mom Seeking a Major Life Upgrade

mother's day

If your mother has been feeling dissatisfied with their life, they NEED to read The Desire Factor. This book will guide them through the seven fundamental principles of energy mastery to empower them to lead a life of limitless joy and love. 

A few examples of what they’ll learn include techniques to hone focus, lessons in impactful self reflection, and the powerful difference between longing and joyful expectancy. 

>>Click here to gift someone a major life shift 

For the Mom needing Pain/Anxiety Relief, Better Sleep & More 

For thousands of years, people have used cannabis plants for relief of numerous health woes. CBD is the part of cannabis that does not produce a “high” feeling, but does contain the majority of health benefits the cannabis plant offers. Note: Hemp-based CBD is legal in every state

If your mother longs for improved sleep quality, stress reduction, mild pain management, or even the ability to minimize queasiness, liposomal CBD may be the ideal Mother’s day present. SomaLeaf CBD is particularly beneficial because they include turmeric–the supreme ruler of anti-inflammation!

 >>Get a mood boost and MORE with our favorite liposomal CBD

For The Mom Who Could Use A Breather

mother's day

Do the mamas in your life always seem out of breath?

Believe it or not, most people don’t breathe properly, and it can lead to endless problems. In the words of Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, “All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.

Inspired by the breathing techniques of Japan’s Komuso Monks, using this gorgeous pendant for as little as two minutes a day has been shown to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate, and loosen up tight muscles. 

That’s where the Shift Pendant comes in. Created by a mom (and therapist!) for moms, the Shift Pendant by Komuso is a breathing aid backed by science…disguised as a stylish necklace!

>> Click here to change someone’s life by changing their breath with the Shift Pendant


Above all else, be sure to give the gift of loving thoughts this Mother’s Day. Take a moment to reflect on the maternal figures in your life, and send some loving energy their way… And maybe give ’em a call. They love that!

? Happy Mother’s Day! ?

Love from The VegHealth Team

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