One of humanity’s fiercest adversaries today is stress. Or rather, the problems that result from an excess of it. 

In the right doses, stress is key to the survival of a species, because it helps us respond more efficiently to dangerous situations. Situations that, in theory, would last for short amounts of time, followed by longer periods of safety where the body could relax and recover.

Unfortunately, as far too many people have experienced, life today is not designed to allow for those long periods of relaxation and recovery, and our health has been paying the price.

Fortunately, we have a famous, ancient ally that’s been scientifically proven to combat chronic stress and the health issues it triggers…

And that ally is meditation

For centuries, meditation has been used to increase spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.

In addition to the anecdotal evidence reported by long-term practitioners, a number of scientific studies have shown that meditation provides a whole host of benefits to human health.

The Top 3 Benefits Of Meditation Include…

Improved Mental Health

Setting aside time to work through difficult thoughts and feelings through mindfulness meditation has been shown to lower anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, increase empathy, and even improve self esteem. A 2019 study showed significant improvements to overall mental health in college students who practiced as little as 10 minutes of meditation daily for four weeks! [1]

Increased Ability To Fight Disease

Because it is so effective at combating stress, practicing meditation consistently helps the body fight disease by improving markers of inflammation, cell-mediated immunity, and reducing biological aging. Because meditation can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, it also assists our body in fighting or preventing common cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Improved Memory And Cognition

A study published by Reviews In The Neurosciences in 2018 found that meditation demonstrated a variety of benefits for participants suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and/or differing levels of cognitive impairment. 

Some of these benefits included a significant reduction in cognitive decline and perceived stress, as well as increases in functional connectivity and cerebral blood flow in areas of the cortex. [2]

Meditation is one of the most ancient and best known mental medicines. And the best part about it is that it’s accessible to everyone! Not sure where to begin? Supercharge your consciousness through meditation today with this F.REE, 90 minute webinar:

Meditation 2.0 – The Practice of Direct Awakening.

In it, one of today’s most innovative spiritual teachers, Craig Hamilton, will share the surprising truth he’s learned in his decades of research, and the unexpected discovery that is revolutionizing the way we think about the spiritual practice of meditation. Start unlocking the healing wonders of meditation now…


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