How Exercise and Sleep Impact Cancer

This Nutrition Bite we’re looking more closely at two basic factors that can drastically affect how your body deals with Cancer.

Exercise and Sleep

According to several studies, regular exercise is linked to a reduced risk of several cancers. It’s also associated with better quality of life and better survival in patients with cancer. (1-2)

As a rule, adequate sleep is a prerequisite for good health. In addition to feeling rested and alert, good quality sleep is essential for the immune system to work properly. There is even some evidence that poor sleep could impair the immune system’s ability to eliminate small, newly established tumors before they become dangerous.(3-4)

That’s an important point for both prevention and fighting cancer.

It is also recommended you stop eating several hours before bed and have a long, at least 13-hour, overnight fast between dinner and breakfast. This is due to prolonged nightly fasting has been linked to a reduction in breast cancer recurrence.(5)

Another point for both prevention and fighting already-existing cancers.

What If You Already Have Cancer?

Overall, the same behaviors that help to prevent cancer also help to promote survival and prevent recurrence in those who have previously been diagnosed with cancer.

A high-nutrient, high-cruciferous diet, as an adjunct to treatment, will provide the body the nutrients for optimal natural defenses.

In short, a high-nutrient diet can make a difference, help to prevent recurrence, and improve prognosis.

Eat to prevent cancer, to slow cancerous progression, and, possibly, to beat cancer.

It’s vital to note that NO treatment—not even a program of nutritional excellence–is consistently effective for “curing cancer.”

Cancer is a bizarre end-stage disease that responds in an unpredictable fashion, but…

Dietary protocols that include vegetable juicing and high intake of cruciferous vegetables offer the most potential for treatment and for increasing the survival of cancer patients.

So what should you eat??

Well, that’s where you really need expert input.

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