Making Money Posting On Social Media

At VegHealth, we know that “wealth” is also part of holistic “health”. This Nutrition Bite takes a look into the money-making potential of posting on social media and points to consider so you can determine if this is something that might work for you as a main or side hustle.  


Social media has transformed the world as we know it. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can access, create and share a variety of information in an instant. 

By definition, according to the almighty google, social media is: 

“Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”

With an animal as large as social media, you definitely can make money posting on it. 

Here’s how. 

The Kinds Of Jobs That Make Money On Social Media


Social Media takes a lot of work to maintain so there is plenty of room to find your niche. Here are ways you can post on social media that will make you money. 

1. Advertising 
Advertising is the most direct and obvious route to make money on social media.

Advertising casts a wide net over a targeted customer base. If you yourself are advertising a product, this is likely because a brand paid you to do so. This is called ‘Influencer Marketing’.

If you’re able to create an account with a significant amount of engaged followers, brands will pay you to spread awareness and promote their products by sharing it in a post. The higher the value of your account, the higher you can charge per sponsored post.

2. Selling Your Product or Service
You can make money selling your product or service using social media as a direct avenue for connecting with customers, processing orders, and selling. 

3. Monetizing Your Views
There are social media channels that will pay you for the amount of views your video gets. Youtube for instance pays you on average $18.00 if an ad on your video is viewed 1000 times. 

3. Art Director
Aesthetics is a crucial aspect in maintaining a social media page and there are dedicated jobs to ensure this which pay you approximately $83,000 annually.

4. Copywriter
Getting a post to stand out and be available to social media’s search and dissemination algorithm among BILLIONS of content requires strategic copywriting. Implementing the right SEO and keywords is a dedicated role you can make up to $60,0000 from.

5. Marketing Manager
Managing social media accounts is like managing your own digital business. Managing the look, feel and experience of a social media channel is a job in itself which can make you upwards of $70,000+ annually. 

Upsides Of Working On Social Media

Social Media has an understandable allure as a profession, some of the perks of working in social media include:

1. Flexible Work Set Up
You can do your social media work anytime and anywhere there’s an internet connection.

2. Can Be Automated
There are countless and often free tools on the internet that can manage your social media channel for you to a certain extent. Posting tools such as Facebook business suite and back-end analytics are free for all business accounts so it’s easy to track your progress.

3. It Works For You
Once you have a well established social media platform with a dedicated and engaged following, your social media channel works for you. A simple post can boost awareness or sales for whatever you’re selling thanks to instant exposure and interest to your followers. 

Downsides Of Working On Social Media

1. Highly Saturated And Full Of Competition
There are billions of social media channels out there, often with a single user taking on multiple handles. Standing out as a business means you’re entering a highly competitive and saturated market.

2. It’s Not An ‘Easy’ Job
For those naive to the mechanics of social media and entering it with the misconception that it’s an ‘easy’ job, they’ll quickly become disenchanted after realizing that it takes more than posting up a pretty picture and a clever caption to make it an income generating endeavor.

3. May Not Be Self-Sustaining
When it comes to social media, you’re only as good as your last upload. To make money, you need to stay relevant and that means having to keep on feeding your account quality and engaging content. 

There is no ‘point’ to reach that will make it self-sustaining and failing to provide content can easily leave your channel ‘held back’ by the platform’s algorithm which is designed to give notice to what’s new and relevant to users.  

Tips For Assessing

Using social media as a form of income certainly isn’t for everybody. Like any profession, utilizing social media requires know-how, an ever evolving skill set, time and consistency. Here are a few questions to consider to assess if social media is a money making tool that will suit you. 

1. Does Social Media Interest You?
If you inherently don’t enjoy social media or it bears no interest to you, save your mental wellbeing and opt to not use it as  a mode of income. 

2. How Well Do You Handle Rejection?
The rejection on social media is on a different level than a flat out ‘No’. 

Internet trolls, lack of engagement, cancel culture, the instant spread of ‘one wrong move’, and little engagement on a post you worked on are just some ways you’ll experience rejection online. 

3. How Consistently Can You Post?
Maintaining a social media channel requires never ending content, often cross-sharing through different platforms. 

If social media is going to make money for you, know that you’ll need to be able to consistently update content to grow and maintain a following. 

If you’re interested in making money on social media, take this quiz to see if it’d be a fit for you.


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