Our Roots: Saving the Planet

This week we thought we’d share a ‘bite’ out of who we are here at VegHealth, and the inspiring and continuing journey of the talented co-owner of VegHealth, VJ Anma. He and his wife, Anand are so passionate about the planet-saving aspects of plant-based eating, they bought the company!

After a personal health crisis, VJ utilized the power of plant-based whole foods, movement and mindfulness to turn his life around, and has spent the years following helping others to do the same. 

Long before he and his wife, Anand, bought The Vegetarian Health Institute (now VegHealth), VJ was dealing with a variety of health issues. After moving to the US and consuming the Standard American Diet (aka SAD), VJ’s health was…not great, to say the least. Inflamed, overweight, out of shape, VJ was on a fast track to developing illnesses with irreversible consequences. 

As many of you can relate to, it often takes hitting rock bottom (or close to it) with our health before we gain the motivation and resources to truly change for the better! For VJ, this wake up call came after a friend was diagnosed with a heart condition. 

VJ saw himself in his friend, and in that moment committed to working towards optimal health, starting with switching to a fully plant-based diet. In three months, he lost 70 pounds, improved his energy, and gained a newfound purpose; to better the health of others and the planet.

Today, VJ and his wife Anand carry out VegHealth’s mission to improve human health and protect the environment in all they do. Among their many talents and endeavors, VJ and Anand are qualified yoga instructors and continue to follow a vegan lifestyle. 

But as we said, these represent just a few of this couple’s talents… 

Anand is a certified life coach and works her magic helping companies go from 6 figures to multi millions. 

VJ has been in the tech world for many years and eventually started working to harness the power of digital currency. A huge motivator for this focus on virtual money was to help others obtain financial success using companies and practices that are more sustainable for the planet

You see, one of the biggest benefits of digital currency is that it can make financial stability and success accessible to everyone—not just a certain portion of the population.

It provides a valid alternative for people to manage their finances in a way that works in their greatest favor, especially for people unable to do so with a traditional banking system (which is a tremendously high number!). 

With traditional banking systems, annual interest rates and a high “maintaining balance” (which many can’t afford) are roadblocks to opening and keeping a bank account. Digital currency, on the other hand, is available to anybody with internet access. 

And we haven’t even gotten into ever-increasing inflation and what that means for people already on the poverty line or below it. 

VJ has been ahead of the curve and working on cryptocurrency since 2012, but it’s only in recent years that crypto has really been gaining traction in popular culture and awareness. With this increased traction and interest has come an expanding variety of alternative currencies. 

Bitcoin is the first and most well known form of digital currency, but there are hundreds of other currencies. You can think of it in the same way traditional currency comes in US dollars, Euros, and Yen. 

So, why is the variety and growth of digital currency so important?

Well, for one reason, as we mentioned in another, recent article, cryptocurrency literally has the power to better the environment!

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is notorious for having an extremely high carbon footprint. In answer to this, more sustainable cryptocurrencies have emerged

There are digital currencies that are making concerted efforts to be eco-conscious. For example, currencies that work by supporting solar energy, or other forms of reducing carbon footprints. One in particular is based on solar power and pays its users with its solar-based digital coins. 

But there are so many other reasons everyday people need to start paying attention to virtual currencies… 

Here’s a clip of VJ explaining just a few solid reasons why you need to pay attention to digital money, and why it’s here to stay

For us at VegHealth, the fact that these digital currencies are so much more accessible and can have a positive impact on the environment means they support our core mission of helping save the planet and its peoples. 

To learn ALL about what digital currencies can mean for you…

Whether to combat ever-increasing inflation, to understand and benefit from the investment opportunities, or find out how you need to start utilizing this currency of the future (NOW!)…

Grab your seat to the World Premiere of Crypto Revealed, airing October 12th!


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