7 Survival Tips for a Vegan Christmas 

Make Sure That Everybody Knows

If you’re a part of the gathering, as a host or guest, make sure everybody knows you’re vegan. What is the point? First, it won’t create any surprises for people. It can also make things more comfortable as you may be able to give some suggestions to the host. As a bonus, they will know not to buy you any non-vegan gifts. 

Choose Potluck Style 

If you receive a potluck invitation at Christmas, then you’re already onto a great start. If you’re a guest at a gathering, you could also suggest the potluck idea, but don’t force the issue, as ultimately it’s their choice. If the potluck goes ahead, or you’re hosting your own, then you can bring along some tasty vegan Christmas food. A potluck is possibly the best way to please everyone at Christmas because there should always be something that everyone likes to eat, and people enjoy contributing. You’ll get a great opportunity to cook different vegan dishes and show everyone that plant-based food is just as delicious.

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Don’t Be Judgemental!

It’s possible through the course of family gatherings that there could be some negative opinions about veganism. Great Uncle Bill might have his say about a vegan diet. You don’t need us to tell you not to be judgemental. Instead, use the opportunity to talk about the benefits of a vegan diet. If you have made plant-based “meat” dishes, you could have some fun and ask people to guess the ingredients.

Offer Help To Cook

When you’re not the host and not going to a potluck, you can offer a hand in the kitchen. Christmas is a busy time for hosts, and they are likely to want all the help they can get. Also, the challenge of cooking vegan Christmas food is quite appealing, a skill that many people would want to know. There are different vegan egg and vegan cheese alternatives to buy or make, and it’s a nice talking point at the dinner table. 

Make Vegan Versions of Traditional Christmas Dishes

winter-vegan-spice-cookies-muffins-in-wooden-box | Make Vegan Versions of Traditional Christmas Dishes |How To Do A Vegan Christmas and Please Everyone

Whether you’re a host or just helping to cook, stick to the traditional Christmas dishes. However, try to make better vegan versions of them. Traditional dishes always have a place in everybody’s heart. We all wait until Christmas to try Christmas puddings, candy canes, etc. But all these dishes can be made with a vegan recipe and be more delicious. 

Try out our vegan stuffing and vegan gravy

Prepare the Answers 

There will be much curiosity about what’s in your vegan Christmas dishes and how it’s possible to change to a vegan diet. Go armed with knowledge so that people can pick your brain. You can find a lot of information at VegHealth. Also, don’t forget to sign up to get notifications about new posts. 

Enjoy Yourself 

Using all our tips, and above all, communicating your dietary requirements, you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious vegan Christmas food and every moment with your family and friends. There are so many vegan options, alternatives, and recipes available now that the gap between diets is small and no longer an obstacle to stop you from enjoying great moments at Christmas.   

We wish you a merry Christmas with your loved ones!

What are your plans this Christmas? Visit veganrecipes.com for many amazing vegan Christmas recipes, and don’t forget to sign up for VegHealth to get more beneficial vegan knowledge. 



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