Resources to Nourish your Mind, Body and Soul in 2022

In this first nutrition bite of 2022 we share a few resources to help you get up and running on the right path to making this your


Smoothies With A Superfood To Kick-Start Your Day

Trying to incorporate a wide variety of foods for optimal nutrition each day can get overwhelming…And be time consuming! 

To make it super EASY, we recommend Grown American Organic Superfood Concentrate. They’ve masterfully combined and concentrated 31 fruits and vegetables with powerful antioxidants and inflammation fighting nutrients into a powder of the highest quality plant-based organic nutrition you can buy in an easy to use scoop. 

Get everything you need in a day in just 1 minute! Find out more here

Meditations To Support & Empower You

Our busy lives can wreak havoc on our health but Daily Meditation and mindfulness can reduce stressOur friends at Year of Miracles have a free meditation that can not only help reduce stress…

But also empower and open your mind up to the endless possibilities of manifesting what you truly desire in your life. Treat yourself and start 2022 with new habits, new ideas and learn to live in abundance in all aspects of your life>>Get your free meditation here!


3 Secrets to Living a Miraculous Life

If you want to dig in to where and HOW your life can change, fast… Take a peek at this f.ree 75-minute Masterclass from Marci Schimoff and her colleagues
. >>Click here to claim your seat

Looking to Step Up Your Fitness?

If so, check out these options that come from the stellar Plant-Based Bundle that gives you 100+ebooks for just $50 – on sale until next week only

Easy Vegan Muscle MealsDozens of easy plant-based meals tonourish your body and help you support that all-important muscle! Get building with these tasty offerings from Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Derek Simnett. 

No Weak Vegans! Korin, a bodybuilder featured on the BBC’s “Veganville”, has compiled a detailed guide on building muscle on a plant-based diet. From equipment to supplements to strategies, he’s listing 24 things he claims every vegan needs to know in order to be healthy and strong. 

30-Day Bodyweight Shred – The name says it all, yes? If you want to transform your body fast and with plants… this program is for you. 

All 3 of these are part of the Plant-Based Bundle. 98% off for only a few more days. >>Check it out here.

Recipe and Meal-planning Inspiration (on Steroids)

The following are just a “taste” of the many (many) recipes and meal plans you can find in the 
Plant-Based Bundle.100+ ebooks for just $50 – on sale until next week only! 

5-Day Raw Reset: Perfect After the HolidaysJumpstart 2022 with this gentle, clean-eating guide. Nutritious, delicious and everything you need to prepare and enjoy cleansing, raw meals for a thorough detox. 

Love Pizza? You’ll adore the 94 pages of recipes in the Frickin’ Rawsome Pizza eBook. Dozens of options, designed to taste good and take care of your nutritional needs as well!

Chocolate & Hazelnut Recipe Handbook – Do you fancy some creative ways to get that super-healthy cacao in your body? How about a few dozen recipes like Choc Hazelnut Custard Tarts, Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Bites or Choc Hazelnut Cups with White Chocolate Centre! 

Also worthy of mention: This incredible bundle also features the Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Pregnancy and Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma… 

TRULY something for EVERYONE in this incredible bundle of 100+ ebooks, recipes, meal plans, workouts, guides and guidance for people living a plant-based life.


>>Get this deal while you can. 

We’ll keep sharing our best guidance and resources to help you make 2022 your best ever! Keep an eye out for updates and news coming up.


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