3 Little-known Supplements for Arthritis


Arthritis is among the primary causes of disability in the U.S. Roughly 50 million adults live with arthritis(1)

Traditional treatment options mainly involve over-the-counter medications. However, current research has demonstrated that these medications have long-term negative effects.

Arthritis – What is it?


Joint inflammation or degradation (breakdown) is usually associated with arthritis. Most often, it causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. 

It is a broad term for more than 100 different types of arthritic conditions(2). Each type has its symptoms and treatment options. 

Most people with arthritis are older adults, but it can also affect children, women, and even children of any age.
There are several types of arthritis, including:

  • Osteoarthritis (or “wear and tear” arthritis) – The most common type of arthritis. It occurs when repeated stress causes joint cartilage to break down(3).
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – An autoimmune disease that attacks the synovial membranes in the joints(4).
  • Gout – A disease in which hard uric acid crystals form in the joints(5).
  • Juvenile Arthritis (JA) – A condition in which the immune system attacks the tissues around joints. Most often occurs in children aged 16 or younger(6).

3 Little-known Supplements for Arthritis

Among the many natural supplements that are known to offer
relief without the health risks

Research suggests that Mojave yucca root, ginger extract, devil’s claw can help reduce joint pain, inflammation, and other arthritis symptoms.

Not only can they help reduce your arthritis symptoms, they can prevent further damage to the joint.

Mojave Yucca Root

In Native American cultures, the root and bark of the Mojave yucca plant have long been used as medicine. It is well known for reducing joint pain and inflammation. 

The extract of this plant is also used to help support healthy circulation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 

Yucca is rich in phenols, compounds known to counter inflammatory effects. Among them are yuccaol and resveratrol, which reduce inflammation and serve as antioxidants, protecting cells from oxidative damage. These properties can be helpful to osteoarthritis sufferers. 

According to a 2006 review, yucca phenols are useful in reducing arthritis pain by inhibiting nitric oxide, a gas molecule that helps trigger inflammation(7).

Ginger Extract

Gingerol is ginger’s primary bioactive component responsible for this spice’s unique fragrance, flavor, and medicinal effects. Research has shown that gingerol has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Gingerol and other anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger act similarly to COX-2 inhibitors (drugs used to treat inflammation and pain)(8).

In one meta-analysis, ginger significantly reduced pain and disability among people with osteoarthritis (OA)(9).

What’s more, a 2010 study concluded that ginger was effective in reducing pain experienced by humans after exercising-induced injuries to their muscles(10). 

Devil’s Claw

Several ailments have been treated with the roots of devil’s claw, including fever, inflammation, arthritis, and indigestion(11). 

Devil’s claw contains compounds known as iridoid glycosides that have anti-inflammatory properties(12). 

In some studies, iridoid glycosides appear to have antioxidant effects as well(13). Its popularity in traditional folk medicine has led to devil’s claw supplements being studied as a possible alternative to inflammatory-related conditions, such as arthritis, gout, and lower back pain.

One study of 122 people who had osteoarthritis of the knee and hip found that 2,610 mg of devil’s claw daily was as effective at relieving osteoarthritis pain as diacerein, a medication often prescribed for osteoarthritis(14). 

Furthermore, high doses of devil’s claw decreased uric acid levels(15), which also helped with inflammation. 

The Bottom Line

Many people find Mojave yucca root, ginger extract, devil’s claw to be useful treatments for arthritis pain and inflammation. These supplements contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that can help reduce joint pain, inflammation, and further damage to joints caused by free radicals. 

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