3 Mushrooms for Memory and Brain Health

This Nutrition Bite looks at the wonderful benefits of 3 specific mushrooms that are particularly good for preserving your memory and maintaining overall brain health.

The human brain is an incredibly complex organ and is integral for our entire self to function. Unfortunately, like the rest of our body, our brain isn’t immune to the deteriorating effects of aging. These can manifest in the form of poor memory and slower brain function. 

There are many lifestyle factors that deteriorate our brain, but of course, there are also factors that enhance our brain. As usual, nature always provides everything we need for our health and brain-boosting remedies are one of them. 

While the detriments of aging are unavoidable, we can slow down and preserve brain functions like memory with the right nutrients

Let’s take a look at the wonderful benefits of mushrooms and how their rich nutritional profile protects our memory and prevents neurodegeneration. 

3 Mushrooms For Memory And Brain Health

1. Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms are a fantastic source of B vitamins. The Folate and Vitamin B6 found in Shiitake mushrooms in particular are essential for overall brain health due to their central role in breaking down homocysteine. 

Homocysteine is a by-product our body creates after breaking down amino acids. High levels of homocysteine can be damaging to blood vessels in our brain which increases our risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.(1)

Thanks to the B vitamins in Shiitake mushrooms, our brain is protected from the damaging effects of homocysteine AND they also provide the brain the energy it needs to keep creating new brain cells. 

2. White Button Mushrooms
Yes, our favorite pizza topping, the humble White Button mushroom packs some serious brian-boosting nutrition, particularly the antioxidant selenium. 

A study found that selenium intake and brain health are directly linked especially for cognition, memory, coordination and motor performance.(2) Considering selenium is also an antioxidant, it helps to reduce inflammation in the brain.(3) These are all factors that help slow or prevent neurodegenerative diseases. 

To top it off, White Button mushrooms are loaded with dietary fiber and special polysaccharide carbohydrates which act as gut-loving prebiotics. And as we all know, a healthy gut is a healthy brain!

3. Tremella Mushrooms
Tremella Mushrooms are another fantastic option for your brain health. Not only do they protect your brain from damage but they also encourage brain cell production and enhance overall brain function. 

A study found that Tremella mushrooms can have a direct positive effect in Alzheimers so much so that it shows a high potential as a preventative measure against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers. (4)

Eat this nutrient-dense mushroom to give your brain a boost while simultaneously protecting it. 

 Add these mushrooms to your daily life and look forward to enhanced cognitive function and a sharp memory for years to come!

With over 50,000 known species of mushrooms, it’s easy to find the ones you enjoy. 

Our friends at Zonia have narrowed down 10 superstar mushrooms that specifically protect your brain and prevent neurodegeneration. 

Discover more amazing brain-boosting mushrooms with this f.ree guide.


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