Does EFT Tapping Actually Work?

This nutrition bite takes a closer look at a little-known alternative healing practice called EFT Tapping. We share just a smidge of  the science behind how effective and valid this technique is for physical and emotional healing. Best part is you can do it yourself! 

What is EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT for short, is an alternative from healing that utilizes the body’s “meridian” points. These meridian points are key areas where energy in our body passes through. The more ‘open’ these median points are, the better the flow of energy is within our body. 

EFT Tapping uses meridian points to balance energy in the body with the idea that energy imbalances are the root causes of physical and emotional pain. 

To perform EFT, you use your fingertips to apply pressure to specific meridian points This is meant to clear blocks in energy flow and also send signals to the part of your brain that responds to stress.

Using EFT Tapping 

EFT tapping can be used for anything – emotional or physical. One common use of EFT is for relieve headaches, relax muscles, release negative emotions etc. It’s also very powerful for stress relief and curbing negative thinking. Many people report using it to great effect for a multitude of purposes (including our team!)

To get an idea of how effective EFT Tapping is, Dr. Dawson Church, a leading expert on energy psychology, found that people who did EFT tapping experienced a 24%-50% reduction in cortisol as opposed to a control group that didn’t tap. (1)

What’s unique about EFT Tapping is the intention of the practice. 

Before tapping, patients need to acknowledge and be aware of the issue they want to treat. This is especially true for emotional pain, where patients will need to be in tune with what they’re feeling in order to release it. This deliberate focus is what sets this technique apart from therapies such as acupuncture or acupressure. 

According to Energy Psychology Journal, EFT tapping along with intention and awareness of the pain being treated showed consistent improvement in psychological pain, across several studies. (2)

Does EFT Tapping Actually Work?

Besides the above examples, you can find countless anecdotal evidence and literally hundreds of papers from peer reviewed journals that showcase how beneficial EFT tapping can be.

To experience all the possible benefits first hand… and find out exactly HOW to use this ease AND incredibly powerful technique…

Watch this training video by expert and VegHealth supporter, Nick Ortner.

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