Quiz: Toxic Mold Illness: Could you have it?

In this Nutrition Bite we share a super-fast quiz so that you can find out if you could have health issues created by (even unseen) toxic mold. Fingers crossed you don’t, but just in case!

Simply put, mold is a naturally occurring fungus that we find everywhere in nature. With that said, there are over hundreds of thousands of variations of mold, each with their own colors, characteristics, and more particularly, levels of biotoxicity to humans.

When it comes to illness and mold, people may understandably fail to connect the dots that small unseen mold spores floating in the air or in our food could be the culprit behind many forms of illness.

Although overlooked, over 4 million people have asthma due to mold exposure, 45 million buildings in the US have unhealthy levels of mold, AND up to 25% of the US population is genetically sensitized to mold, making them more likely to become ill from overexposure to mold [1]. These little fungi don’t just float around in the air we breathe, they hang around in the food we eat such as grains and fresh produce.

Of course, not all mold is deadly, but this stuff certainly is something you want to keep out of your system!

To help wrap your head around the hazards of mold, certain mold species like Aspergillus, Cladosporum, Alternaria release mycotoxins (toxic metabolites) that have been harnessed as bioweaponry!

From allergies to infections to more severe toxic mold sickness, mold has been known to give anything from mild sniffles to diarrhea, to full on respiratory infections such as pneumonia.

To add, toxic mold sickness covers many physical and mental ailments such as mood swings, temperature dysregulation, brain fog, vertigo, depression, confusion, and joint pain, etc showing that inhaling or ingesting mold affects so much more than our respiratory and digestive health.

The tricky thing about mold is it goes about affecting our health while we often remain unaware until toxic mold sickness becomes severe.

This is because mold can easily go undetected in indoor environments like our home.

Seemingly clean surfaces can host mold spores (visible mold is already a sign of high levels), cleaning products such as bleach exacerbate the spread of mold spores, and mold growth tends to be in hard-to-reach and less visible places such as behind walls and sinks.

Toxic mold is everywhere but often does not get the concern it should have.

Take the quick quiz below to find out if you could be affected.

Please note: Toxic mold illness is best diagnosed through testing of both home and body. But the following short quiz highlights some common signs and symptoms of both a moldy home or body.


__  Chronic asthma, stuffy nose or sore throat

__  Chronic anxiety, depression or attention deficit

__  Persistent fatigue

__  Sudden or inexplicable weight gain

__  Multiple food sensitivities

__  Chronic loose stool and/or constipation

__  Poor sleep quality

__  Chronic pain: headaches, muscle pain, etc.

__  Sensitivity to fragrances, chemicals

__  Low libido, difficult periods or difficult menopause

__  Swollen glands or joints

__  Foggy brain or poor recall

__  Symptoms which started in a new home or after water damage

__  Indoor humidity over 50% (or living in humid area)

__  Household water damage not addressed with 48 hours

__  Visible mold on surfaces of home

__  Musty smell in home or poor ventilation

__  Known drainage issues in home

__  Recurrent water leaks via roof, windows, sinks, etc.

__  Finished basement used by family

Answer Key:

20-15 Mold is very likely an issue! Get tested!
14-10 Learn more: mold could be an issue
0-9 Don’t rule out mold completely!

Quiz developed by Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP

If you want to know how to heal from (even potential) mold-related illnesses…

Or even just find out how to protect yourself and your home…

Check out these 2 great informative guides that are zero-cost for our VegHealth family. ❤️

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And of course, members who are dealing with this can ask us any nutrition-related questions in order to compliment your healing efforts.

[1]  https://realtimelab.com/mold-statistics/


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