EMFs and Cancer

This NB looks at an often-overlooked c*ncer trigger that is all around most of us, every day. Even while you’re reading this!

So what is it??

Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs.

Electromagnetic fields are all around you. 

Every cell phone and wireless device emits an EMF of some sort, and EMFs are produced literally everywhere electricity is used. 

There are two basic types of EMFs [1]: 

1. High-frequency EMFs are ionizing radiation that can damage DNA cells. This type of EMF is typically generated by X-ray imaging machines, CT scans, radioactive elements, and tanning beds. Even the sunlight generates a high-frequency EMF thanks to the UV radiation.

2. Mid- and low-frequency EMFs are non-ionizing radiation of the sort generated by your cell phone, hair dryer, washing machine, and microwave. This can be broken down into two subtypes: 

  • Radiofrequency radiation
  • Extremely low frequency EMFs

There is a great deal of controversy and debate surrounding EMFs and their potential link to cancer and other chronic health conditions

In 2018, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) [2] classified EMFs as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, due to links between EMFs and forms of cancer like gliomas (malignant brain cancer) and leukemia among electrical workers [3].

As one study pointed out, “Recent studies demonstrate elevations in rates of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma only on the side of the head where individuals used their cell phone. Individuals who begin exposure at younger ages are more vulnerable.” [4]

There is no hard-and-fast clinical evidence backing up the theory that EMFs are definitely going to harm you, but given even this limited research, it’s definitely worth reducing exposure in order to limit potential health risks.

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