In this Nutrition Bite, we share a recent discovery by scientists at Penn State and the rare nutrient they have dubbed, the “longevity vitamin”… As well as how and why Americans consume notably less of this plant source, compared to their European cousins. 

To quote the 2020 article published in the Journal of Nutritional Scientist by prominent scientists at Penn State University, “There is mounting evidence for the potential for the natural dietary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory amino acid L-Ergothioneine (ERGO) to prevent or mitigate chronic diseases of aging. This has led to the suggestion that it could be considered a ‘longevity vitamin.’” 

So what is ERGO

ERGO stands for L-Ergothioneine— a rare nutrient produced by certain fungi and microbes. 

It’s getting a lot of attention as researchers find increasing evidence that it’s more powerful and beneficial to the human body and brain than glutathione. 

This is largely due to its pretty amazing anti-oxidant capabilities. 

So powerful it’s thought to help ‘clean out’ your brain, including “neural waste” that could be building up. Many doctors believe this kind of brain ‘sludge’ is responsible for fogging up the brain and slowing down synapses. 

What they know for sure is that it can help your body dispose of free radicals, which is always a good thing for overall health, and especially when it comes to aging and your brain. 

In terms of studies, there are a couple of stand outs…One with mice and two with humans. 

The animal study found that ERGO helped wipe away “brain gunk” in a group of mice by as much as 15% in just 6 weeks.

Just one of the ways they assessed this was with memory. In some pretty surprising data, it was observed that the performance of mice in memory tests was a hefty 40% WORSE when they hadn’t received ERGO supplementation

Ergo (pun intended) those that did get the ERGO performed that much better. ;D

One human study looked at the blood of 3,200 people, specifically for the presence of compounds and other markers that tend to predict a lower risk of heart challenges…

Out of 112 metabolites they reviewed, they found that the strongest predictor of FEWER heart problems was having high levels of ERGO. 

That’s pretty intriguing, if nothing else. 

Another human study found that seniors who were classified as “frail” had significantly lower levels of ERGO than their healthier peers.

On top of that, seniors with less measurable ERGO had weaker brain function.

Americans Get Less ERGO in Their Diets

While it’s possible to get trace amounts of ERGO from the foods you eat…

Agricultural practices are disrupting the natural processes that contribute the beneficial fungus–plant root relationships that create the right environment for the organisms that contain ERGO to flourish and grow.

In contrast, just as one example, studies show that on average, Italians eat 500% more ERGO than Americans. 

Researchers believe this is due to the ancient agricultural practices that date back since the times of the Romans, and are still largely practiced today. 

There’s definitely a lot more to explore on this topic. 

We’ve only just heard of ERGO, actually, so you can expect more from us…

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