[RECIPE] 3 Summer Blends to Delight and Detox

We know you love recipes… Well today we have 3 easy-to-make fruit blends that are PERFECT for summertime breakfast. Enjoy!

Melon Mist

1- 2 Honeydew Melons 

1. Remove the seeds.
2. Scoop the melon into a blender and blend until smooth. 

Light and delicious.


Sweet Sunrise

6 Peaches (make sure they are sweet)
3 Nectarines
1.5-2 cups Raspberries

1. Remove the pits and seeds
2. Blend everything together until smooth. 

Sweet, delicious breakfast delight!


Watermelon Zinger

1.5kg cut watermelon (seedless)
2 Limes

1. If needed, cut the watermelon into smaller pieces.
2. Juice the limes (make sure to check for stray seeds)
3. Blend the lime juice and watermelon until smooth.


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